I love the outdoors, the air, the scenery of both the Swiss and French Alps where I tramped extensively inspired me to always carry with me a little watercolour kit, even with a 17 kg back pack to carry for days.

Can you imagine sitting on a rock or in a beautiful meadow where stunning Alpine flowers were growing, I just could not resist sketching their beauty as watercolour sketching has always been my first love. No matter how far I travelled the sketch book was never far from my hand.

Only this medium allows you to paint what you see at the speed of the cloud moving, the light changing, the air drying your paper or the rain, the snow wetting your paper .... you don’t feel the cold or the heat it is so important to catch the scene. The big dark cloud in the sky, the rain pouring on the rolling pasture, crouched under the eaves of a shepherd’s chalet furiously sketching, this was my love.

It was not until Peter retired in 2006 that I had the freedom, time and place, to become a serious watercolourist.

This year is significant because my birthday is the 12/12/12; I have a website, a new sign at the gate and a permanent exhibition in my cabinet...

Jeanne-Marie Cantereau