“French Cooking in New Zealand”, by Thames artist and author Jeanne-Marie Cantereau-Feran, was first launched in 2008, and sold out in eight months after its launch.

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By popular demand, “French Cooking in New Zealand is being re-launched to satisfy the appetites of foodies and connoisseurs of good cooking using wholesome Kiwi ingredients with a touch of France.

In this book, the author combines her two loves - cooking and watercolour painting, in a remarkably easy-to-follow handy cookbook with original artwork by the author herself.

This book of recipes and illustrations would be a nice gift for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day or just for cooking light, simple and affordable meals.

Published in Thames & printed in Christchurch, this delicious and expensive cookbook is priced at ONLY $23.00 and $2.90 to post worldwide!



Thursday, September 18, 2008 - Wairarapa Times Age

THAMES ARTIST and author Jeanne-Marie Cantereau-Feran with her first publication, French Cooking in New Zealand, which is now available in Masterton after her whistle-stop tour through Wairarapa.

French fare and Kiwi blended

Affordable French fare and watercolour Kiwi landscapes grace the first book – now available in Wairarapa – from Thames woman Jeanne-Marie Cantereau-Feran. Cantereau-Feran breezed through the region yesterday and said her cookbook, French Cooking in New Zealand, has already sold 650 copies since she self-published the 56-page title this year.

Cantereau-Feran compiled all the recipes and created all the artwork gracing the book, she said, and had even designed the layout for the publication, which was printed in Christchurch “and is therefore truly Kiwi-made”.

The book travels through landscape watercolours of New Zealand that accompany French fare recipes ranging from béchamel sauce with cheese through chicken, fish, pizza, dough and meats to apple tarts and a plum jam recipe from her grandmother.

“For the book I wanted food that is light and simple, not time-consuming, expensive or difficult.”

Cantereau-Feran said almost all the ingredients listed in the book are available through the Pak ’n’ Save supermarket and she has strived to make the recipes easy – husband Peter also contributed – and inexpensive.

A flan with pitted prunes recipe she eventually included in the book was published in a Thames community newspaper column and the town Pak ’n’ Save supermarket sold out of the dried fruit.

“That spurred me on to complete my cookbook so people could try some of my recipes.”

“I have cooked all my life and I come from a big family. For the book I wanted food that is light and simple, not time-consuming, expensive or difficult.”

Cantereau-Feran has lived in New Zealand for six years and has visited Wairarapa several times in an effort to “taste the wine and visit the French bakery and a French village I heard about.”

Friday, June 20, 2008 - Hauraki Herald

Recipe success sparks Cook Book

An appearance in the Hauraki Herald has provided the impetus for a Thames woman to publish her first cookbook, featuring French cooking with a Kiwi twist.

In April 2007 Jeanne-Marie Cantereau-Feran was interviewed for Fraser's Whanau, a Hauraki Herald column focusing on immigrants and the food of their original homelands.

She says when her recipe for flan with pitted prunes was printed in the column, Thames Pak ’n’ Save sold out of prunes.

"It spurred me on to complete my cookbooks so people could try some of my other recipes," she says.

Jeanne-Marie arrived in New Zealand in 2002 and has developed a practical and economic way of enjoying French cooking while using local ingredients.

Her husband, Peter, says many French recipes can be quite complicated to prepare because a lot of the ingredients are hard to get.

"So she has spent the time modifying her recipes to include New Zealand food," he says.

And they are simple recipes - "I can make them," he says.

Jeanne-Marie has used her talent for watercolour painting to illustrate the 50-odd recipes in her book. She will launch the book at Thames Paper Plus on Thursday June 26 with a book-signing between 11am and 2.30pm. The following day she will give two demonstrations, using recipes from the book, at Relish on Pollen St from 5.30pm to 7pm. The watercolour paintings used to illustrate the book will be exhibited at Sola Cafe from July 2.

Once in a lifetime, one comes across really amazing people, and more importantly, they become a friend. I am so happy to know that from building a website for this truly sweet, humble and modest lady from France, she has achieved success from combining her two loves - watercolour painting and French cooking using wholesome Kiwi ingredients with a touch of France. She sent me a copy of her cookbook and since I started experimenting with her healthy recipes only a week ago, which are so easy to make, I have not had another attack of Meniere's disease! I'd recommend this cookbook to anyone!

Marie Ribeiro
August 14, 2013

I received this little book and fell in love not only with the recipes but with the art: worth the price for the watercolors alone! I would call it "French Cooking outside of France", as I use it in Canada and have no difficulty to find ingredients. Jeanne-Marie has some very simple, light, but tasty sounding recipes. I will be trying many of them! She also has an ease of writing the description of the recipe that makes me feel like we are sitting around having a conversation. It'll make a nice gift to anyone who enjoy cooking and appreciate art.

October 16, 2013

"FRENCH COOKING IN NEW ZEALAND" is now available from the Shop page on this website.

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